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Mesothelioma: a lesser known cancer

Although most people are aware that exposure to asbestos is harmful to human health, there is not yet a great deal of awareness about mesothelioma: the cancer caused by it. Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer which  most often affects membranes found in the lungs, but is also found around the heart and other organs. Asbestos is a […]

BC Cancer Agency study hopes to detect early signs of cancer

Vancouver has become an international leader in cancer research! AIM’s Whole Body Diffusion MRI detects cancer in its earliest stages, and the BC Cancer Agency is conducting developmental research on a blood test that should be able to detect early signals of cancer. The study will look at the blood of 1000 participants aged 55-70, all […]

Saturated fats linked to breast cancer in postmenopausal women: MRI study

While unrestrained weight gain always brings with it a greater chance of cancer, new research into breast cancer in postmenopausal women has found a link between the type of fats being consumed. A highly occurrence of saturated fats (found mainly in meats, butter, cheeses, creams and palm oils) in the breasts has been linked to […]

CT scans linked to high cancer costs

It’s not exactly a secret that CT technology, although useful in its diagnostic application, has harmful effects due to the large amounts of ionizing radiology associated with it. But it wasn’t until just weeks ago that anyone was aware that the cost of treating cancers induced by CT scanning in the US numbered in the hundred […]

AIM collaborating in large Canada-wide MRI study

Over the next several months AIM will be providing imaging for a major cross-country MRI research study that seeks to illustrate patterns in heart and brain health of Canadians from coast to coast. The Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds, or CAHHM, will study the MRI results of approximately 9700 participants of varying ages, backgrounds […]

February 4 is World Cancer Day

“We can, I can,” is the slogan for World Cancer Day 2016, and prevention is on the agenda. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed up together, encouraging governments around the world to implement public policies that may collectively prevent 1/3 of cancer cases. In the Americas, cancer […]

MRI may be Superior for Imaging Pancreatic Cancer: Study

Pancreatic cancer, arguably made infamous by Steve Jobs’ battle with it, is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in Western countries. And, according to a new study that recommends MRI screening to catch it early, the incidence and mortality rates of this deadly disease are almost one and the same. The study, entitled Short-Term […]

Cancer caused by ‘Bad Luck’ according to new study

A controversial new study suggests that only about one-third of cancers are caused by what the medical community and world at large have hitherto suspected as the cause of the disease: a combination of genetic as well as environmental factors. And the remaining two-thirds? Those are caused by random mutations of DNA in noncancerous stem cells, […]

New Research finds MRI Superior to CT for Liver Cancer Diagnosis

A new study published in the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) journal Radiology has reviewed and analyzed the contrasting abilities of MRI and CT scanning of the liver for cancer. The verdict is in: MRI is superior to CT for cancer diagnosis of the liver. And a victory for MRI is, as always, a positive […]

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014

The 2014 Canadian cancer statistics are in. The report, which is developed through collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada, as well as provincial and territorial governments, examines multiple facets of cancer’s impact on Canadians, such as: incidence, type of cancers, survival rates, mortality rates and more. This […]

What is MyCare?

AIM Medical Imaging is proud to announce its partnership with Assured Diagnosis Inc., the owner and developer of the MyCare Programs in collaboration with world-renowned Mayo Clinic. AIM will be the provider of MRI services for MyCare members. What do AIM and MyCare-Mayo Clinic have in common? Healthcare philosophy, for starters: In addition to this patient-focused […]

Whole Body MRI Provides Insight on Populations

A large study presented Sunday at the European Congress of Radiology has determined that Whole Body MRI is the safest and most accurate method of detecting disease pathology in persons who show little or no symptoms. Dr. Andrzej Cieszanowski, a radiologist from the Medical University of Warsaw and one of the authors of the study, […]

Dr. Attariwala Featured on CKNW’s Talk to the Experts

AIM’s medical director, head radiologist and inventor of our whole body scan, Dr. Raj Attariwala, is a star on the radio! Dr. Raj, as his patients affectionately call him, was interviewed by Ian Power for CKNW’s Talk to the Experts this past Sunday, February 23, about why he set up AIM Medical Imaging, how AIM […]

Another Study Confirms Superiority of AIM’s Whole Body Scan for Cancer Imaging

A study published today in the Lancet Oncology Journal serves as a fitting follow up to our blog post from last week about when it is appropriate to choose MRI over PET/CT scans. The study, entitled Ionising radiation-free whole-body MRI versus F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT scans for children and young adults with cancer, is essentially a reiteration of the message […]

CEO of Canadian Cancer Society: Canada Must Focus on Economic Costs, Prevention

In an article published in the Globe and Mail last week, national president and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society, Pamela Fralick, discussed the two biggest issues prevalent to treating cancer in Canada. The first issue addressed was the huge economic impact the disease has on society. Fralick writes, “In 2000, cancer cost $2.6-billion in […]

Whole Body Diffusion MRI in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Part One

Last week we announced the publication of Dr. Attariwala’s and Wayne’s article in the Journal of MRI. This week, let’s take a look at their discoveries, and how they may be applied to diagnostic medicine to advance the state of the art for patients’ best interests. In the article, authors Attariwala and Picker share their […]

Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

One of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to ensure you are taking preventative measures against cancer is to pay special attention to your diet. While high quantities of sugar and processed foods have been linked to cancer growth, natural whole foods containing vitamins and antioxidants have been shown to actually shrink cancerous tumours. Below are […]

Childhood Exposure to CT Scans Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

There are many reasons to love MRI; not least among them is the fact that this versatile imaging test won’t expose the body to ionizing radiation. In a world increasingly taxed with toxins and free radicals, MRI reassures patients that, should they require medical imaging to address a current health issue, the scan won’t impact […]

When Should You Consider a Private MRI in Canada?

Did you know that LA’s Wilshire Boulevard has more MRI machines than the whole of British Columbia? Yes, you read that correctly: there are more MRI machines on one street in Los Angeles than in the entire province of BC. At only 6 MRI machines per 1 million people, Canada trails far behind other developed […]

BC Launches New Colon Screening Program

In Canada, drivers approaching the age of 80 are required to re-take their driving tests. There is no opting out; the re-test is a government-mandated preventive measure to ensure an individual unfit for driving is taken off the road before they become a danger to themself or others. Statistics for how many people this re-test has saved […]

Spring Months Designated for Cancer Research in Canada, US

In North America, spring is the season that receives the most fervent welcome from a populace who has grumbled through the final winter months. It’s fitting, then, that at a national level in Canada and the United States, April and May respectively have come to symbolize support for fellow citizens fighting cancers. April is Daffodil Month in […]


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