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Mesothelioma: a lesser known cancer

Although most people are aware that exposure to asbestos is harmful to human health, there is not yet a great deal of awareness about mesothelioma: the cancer caused by it. Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer which  most often affects membranes found in the lungs, but is also found around the heart and other organs. Asbestos is a […]

Sweetened drinks linked to impaired cognitive function: MRI study

People who regularly consume sweetened drinks–whether it’s the the regular, sugary variety, or the “diet” alternative–may be at greater risk for Alzheimers and dementia, according to a new MRI study. The study, entitled Sugary beverage intake and preclinical Alzheimer’s disease in the community, was published last week in the Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. The […]

MRI may help determine depression treatment: MRI study

A new MRI study published recently in the American Journal of Psychiatry examined the possibility of using MRI scans of of the brain to determine whether CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or antidepressants would be the appropriate course of action for treating a patient’s depression. The study, entitled Functional Connectivity of the Subcallosal Cingulate Complex and […]

Exercise and Osteoarthritis: MRI Study

In something of a Catch-22, osteoarthritis patients are often instructed to exercise to alleviate some of their pain symptoms–but those same pain symptoms may prevent an exercise routine from being formed. Although many sufferers of osteoarthritis may wish to work out, the possibility of further injury is a daunting one. Recently, Canadian researchers tackled the […]

New Findings on ADHD: MRI Study

New findings in a large MRI study on ADHD suggest the disorder is more neurological than behavioural. The study, self-described by its researchers as the largest-ever MRI study on ADHD–indeed, it’s titled Subcortical brain volume differences in participants with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults: a cross-sectional mega-analysis–was published Wednesday in The Lancet Psychiatry. […]

Pregnancy leads to changes in brain structure: MRI study

A study published last month in the journal of Nature Neuroscience used MR imaging to research the changes in the brain brought about by pregnancy. The study, entitled ‘Pregnancy leads to long-lasting changes in human brain structure’, discovered a reduction of gray matter regions pertaining to social cognition in the brains of pregnant women. The research was […]

MRI-guided ultrasound a non-surgical option for essential tremor

Essential tremor, a neurological disorder that affects millions of people, is not a terminal condition but is one that greatly impedes upon quality of life. Characterized by continuous and rhythmic shaking, most often occurring in the hands or voice, sufferers of essential tremor are unable to perform routine tasks such as tying shoelaces or picking […]

Brains of obese look 10 years older at middle age: MRI Study

Packing on the pounds may increase your body mass index, but it won’t increase brain volume, according to a new MRI study. Although the human brain inevitably shrinks as it ages, researchers have found that the brains of obese subjects appear 10 years older at middle age than their fitter counterparts. The UK study, entitled […]

Lose weight by drinking more water: MRI study

You’re not hungry, you’re thirsty. It’s almost too easy: dieters everywhere have heard this advice for decades, but now it’s been backed up by MRI science. The study, conducted by Wageningen University in the Netherlands, worked with 19 participants to collect the data. Done in three parts, the research looked at MRI scans of the stomach, […]

Knee problems common in basketball players: MRI study

While there are injuries inherent in every sport, few expose players to such fast-paced stop-start motions in the lower joints the way basketball does. (Squash is another sport that exposes players to jerking movements, but it has nothing on basketball in terms of popularity!) A recent study published June 22 in the Clinical Journal of […]

Saturated fats linked to breast cancer in postmenopausal women: MRI study

While unrestrained weight gain always brings with it a greater chance of cancer, new research into breast cancer in postmenopausal women has found a link between the type of fats being consumed. A highly occurrence of saturated fats (found mainly in meats, butter, cheeses, creams and palm oils) in the breasts has been linked to […]

The schizophrenic brain attempts to repair itself: MRI study

Few diseases are stigmatized as much as schizophrenia, or other similar mental health illnesses. But things are looking up: according to new MRI research, brains afflicted with schizophrenia show an ability to identify and fight off the disease. The study, entitled Dynamic cerebral reorganization in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia: a MRI-derived cortical thickness study, was […]

CT scans linked to high cancer costs

It’s not exactly a secret that CT technology, although useful in its diagnostic application, has harmful effects due to the large amounts of ionizing radiology associated with it. But it wasn’t until just weeks ago that anyone was aware that the cost of treating cancers induced by CT scanning in the US numbered in the hundred […]

Words stored in specific brain regions: MRI Study

Another brain fMRI study, another step closer to mind reading! Researchers from Berkeley have mapped out a “semantic atlas”–that is, an interactive map of which words activate what areas of the brain. The study, Natural speech reveals the semantic maps that tile human cerebral cortex, has just been published in Nature. Check out the video below to learn […]

First ever look at the brain on LSD: MRI study

In the 1950s and 60s, researchers at the forefront of neuroscience and psychology experimented with LSD for PTSD and depression. Despite the positive effects of treatments (which came in small doses in controlled environments) the drug and corresponding research on its therapeutic benefits were banned in North America in the late sixties. Newly published research which used MRI for […]

Take the stairs for better brain health: MRI study

To ride the elevator or climb the stairs may not seem like an important decision, but when it’s a decision you make every day it could have lasting implications on not only your physical fitness, but your cognitive function as well. A new Canadian MRI study from researchers at Concordia University has found that younger-looking […]

AIM collaborating in large Canada-wide MRI study

Over the next several months AIM will be providing imaging for a major cross-country MRI research study that seeks to illustrate patterns in heart and brain health of Canadians from coast to coast. The Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds, or CAHHM, will study the MRI results of approximately 9700 participants of varying ages, backgrounds […]

Surgeon saves baby using MRI and Google Cardboard Goggles

Doctors initially told the parents of Teegan Lexcen, a baby girl born with one lung and half a heart four months ago in Minnesota, that her case was inoperable. Determined to help their daughter live, her parents sought out the help of a team of doctors at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, who applied ingenious […]

Psychiatrists urge caution of overreliance on fMRI brain studies

Two leading mental health professionals have cast doubt on the increasingly common practice of using fMRI studies to pinpoint the sites of psychiatric illnesses on anatomical images of the brain. In their report, Finding the Elusive Psychiatric “Lesion” with 21st-Century Neuroanatomy: A Note of Caution, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, authors Dr. Eugenia Radulescu […]

What the Holidays do to Your Brain: MRI Study

The hashtags #backtowork and the less subtle #backtoworkblues appeared across Twitter on Monday as millions of people bade the holiday season farewell and settled back into their routines. While it’s natural to begrudge getting up early after an extended break of sleep-ins and visits with loved ones, is there something about the holiday season that […]

Distance Runners Regenerate Foot, Ankle Cartilage

A mobile MRI truck followed long distance runners over 4, 487 kilometres as they participated in the Trans Europe Foot Race (TEFR), a trek which begins in southern Italy and finishes in Norway’s North Cape. Although the runners ran for 64 consecutive days without a day’s rest. The findings, published in an MRI study presented […]

No Distinct Differences Between Male and Female Brains: MRI Study

Could differences in male-female behaviours simply be social conditioning? One thing’s for sure, they’re not anatomical; a new MRI study has found no distinct differences between male and female brains. The study, entitled Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic was published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers, based at Tel-Aviv University, scanned over […]

What Causes Happiness? MRI Study

Self-help literature abounds with the quest for happiness: what causes it and how can you get some of your own? But what does neuroscience have to say on the subject? A new MRI study from Korean researchers offers new information to the happiness market. The study, entitled The structural neural substrate of subjective happiness, was […]

What is Disturbing About Screams? MRI Study

What is so disturbing about screams? Aside from the obvious–that they represent a fellow human’s pain or fear of mortal peril? While it may seem clear on an emotional level why a scream is an upsetting sound to hear, scientifically, it appears that screams and other rapid changes in volume trigger the fear centres within […]

What Lucid Dreaming Ability Reveals About You: MRI Study

Did you know there are conferences for lucid dreamers? Or dedicated post-secondary researchers on the subject, such as the folks at the Stanford Sleep Lab? People are curious about the phenomenon–the ability to come to conscious awareness in the dreaming state. Perhaps they would like to learn how to swallow fire or visit the sun, […]

Can You Hold Your Tongue? MRI Study

Have you ever found yourself rushing to answer a question before it’s been fully verbalized by the questioner? A new MRI study from Cornell University has found that many people experience this unconscious impatience. The study, entitled A real-time MRI investigation of anticipatory posturing in prepared responses, revealed that many humans are more impatient than they […]

Failure Activates Reward-Based Learning: MRI Study

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” said Thomas Edison. He was certainly successful in making that statement; a new MRI study has found that when the brain is able to learn from its mistakes, failure is actually a rewarding experience. The study, by researchers from the University of Southern […]

Sleeping Position Affects Brain Health: MRI Study

How do you sleep? Most people have a fairly consistent sleeping location, schedule and position. And, according to new MRI research, the position you favour may have something to do with long-term brain health. Researchers from Stony Brook University in New York state have learned, through MRI scanning, that sleeping on one’s side opens the […]

90 Minutes in Nature Reduces Depression: MRI Study

New research has proven what perhaps many Vancouverites already know: time spent in nature is therapeutic for mental health. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science has shown that a mere 90 minutes on a hiking trail (or even just setting up camp in wild surroundings) decreases activity in the regions of […]

Impoverished Circumstances Affect Developing Brains: MRI Study

A troubling new MRI study has uncovered that there are differences in brain development between wealthy and impoverished children. The study, called Family income, parental education and brain structure in children and adolescents was published in Nature Neuroscience spring 2015. It is the largest socioeconomic MRI brain study to date; its researchers spent 3 years studying […]


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