The private sector is rapidly growing. We realize there are several private clinics offering the same procedures. AIM Medical Imaging is a patient centered diagnostic facility that is focused on quality care and your patients well being. We are doctors first and foremost, not businessmen. We do not have clients or customers. We have patients. Our goal is the same as yours…

To provide the best care for our patients.

We know the constraints of providing the best for your patients in a timely fashion. At AIM Medical Imaging, we strive to become your imaging partner. We are able to perform many advanced unique imaging techniques. If you have specialized needs, we can use our sophisticated techniques and expertise to help. Our on-site radiologists are readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Our radiologists take the time to review the imaging findings with our patients and we can ensure that the final report is available when the patient is at your office. AIM offers immediate reports and images to get you the information you need to treat your patients quickly. This way your time can be used efficiently to plan ongoing care.

We believe that MRI should be accessible to all patients, and therefore we welcome referrals from family physicians. We support the role of the family physician in providing patients with the ongoing care, while recognizing the inherent time restraints of family practice today. We aim to educate our patients and their supporting allied health workers about the benefits of MRI and early disease detection.

AIM patients are happy with our service, care, options and results. Our facility is guided by the principle that one day we will be patients. We would expect nothing less for ourselves.

We AIM for Excellence.

  • Open Bore MRI designed to accommodate claustrophobic and larger patients up to 550 lbs
  • Patients consult with our on-site physician for immediate results
  • Patients leave holding a copy of your final report and images
  • Copy of patient report sent to your office immediately
  • Walk in patients welcomed, open seven days a week by appointment

View our brochures:
AIM MRI Brochure

“As a doctor in a busy clinic it is important to have quick and timely access to MRI Scanning for patients. Patients want and always appreciate choice, and being able to refer to AIM Medical Imaging is extremely helpful and beneficial. This enhances my ability to deliver quality patient care that I know is very much appreciated by patients. The facility is superb and the staff are excellent. AIM Medical Imaging is an important and excellent tool when needed to help patients.”   – Dr. HT Peters, Broadway & Burrard Medical Clinic